The Joy of Dimming Lights

A great way to save energy and provide a bit of ambience to any space is to install dimmable lighting. Residential installations of a dimmer switch is something an experienced homeowner can do, although a qualified electrician is still advised – particularly in an older home, where the conditions may not marry well with today’s technology.

Dimmers-lightsThere are several factors to consider when adding or replacing dimmable lighting in the home.

The primary consideration is in the choice of quality components, which is true for any electrical supplies purchase. When it comes to dimmable lighting, inferior products always provide poor performance. Common experiences with subpar products include buzzing, flickering, and intermittent performance. One of the reasons problems occur is that low quality dimmers simulate dimming by flashing power rapidly – up to 120 times a second. The result is electromagnetic resistance, which results in vibration and buzzing.

High quality switches actually raise and lower the voltage to the fixture, allowing for a smooth transition between light levels.

Steiner Electric carries several high quality solutions for your dimming needs. For example, take a look at what we carry from Leviton’s line of dimmer switches for both residential and commercial applications. Leviton’s universal dimmers will future-proof your fixtures. They are designed to work with dimmable incandescent, LEDs, and CFL bulbs.

When it comes to residential remodeling plans or a commercial build, sometimes the lighting is left till the end. Calling Steiner Electric early in the planning of any changes to your home or business will help dim any headaches!