The Skyscraper as a Small Town

Chicago_SkylineSeptember 3rd is Skyscraper Day, a date chosen in honor of Louis H. Sullivan, who is considered the father of skyscrapers. The first skyscraper was built in Chicago in 1885. It was a metal framed structure that reached a dizzying 10 stories into the sky. This was a time when most structures still relied on stone support and they worried that a human’s face would peel off if a train reached 60mph. Some continue to define a skyscraper as any building that reaches 10 stories, though most reserve the term for buildings that are at least 100 stories. Continue reading “The Skyscraper as a Small Town”

The Dog Days and Your HVAC System

SiriusThe ancient Romans were the ones who called this time of year “the dog days of summer.” That’s because this is when the brightest star in the night sky makes its appearance: Sirius, the Dog Star. The ancients believed that Sirius was responsible for the hot, sultry days of August. Of course, we know that starlight offers us no heat, and that Sirius is in fact a binary star system. But one thing the ancients absolutely got right is that when Sirius arrives, the summer swelters. Continue reading “The Dog Days and Your HVAC System”