Local Tradesman Gets Set to Defend IDEAL Best U.S. Electrician Championship Title

Winner of 2016 IDEAL Championship

Winning back-to-back titles is one of the hardest accomplishments to make in any competitive environment. Electrician Greg Anliker will get that chance later this year when he defends his title as the best electrician in the U.S.

Greg Anliker, winner of IDEAL National Championship, with trophyIn 2016, Anliker earned his title at the inaugural IDEAL National Championship in the professional category after facing a gauntlet of electrical challenges and competing against some of the most talented tradesmen in the country.

Anliker, a 19-year electrician, has worked for 13 years at Kellenberger Electric in Elgin, IL, which is a Steiner Electric customer. He earned $75,000 for being the Champion in the Professional Individual category. He was also a member of the team that won second place in the Professional Team category. That team included fellow Kellenberger electricians Will Barnett and Clay Noga. “As it turned out, we qualified as a team at a Steiner summer customer appreciation BBQ where Steiner hosted a qualifying event,” Anliker says, “We had our fastest time.”

More than 900 Qualifying Round events were held in the 2016 event. Contestants were required to demonstrate problem-solving and physical skills across four categories: wire cutting, stripping, termination, and testing through a multi-station speed test judged by fastest completion time and overall accuracy of the wire connection.

Contestants face off in timed trials at IDEAL National ChampionshipThe fastest times in the IDEAL competition territories advanced to The Championship Weekend where the tasks got more difficult as the field was reduced from 64 Professional Individuals down to the final 2. Anliker said competitors were not just judged on speed, but also quality of workmanship. For instance, one round tested their skills at bending and running conduit. “After we finished, the judges tore apart our work. If the pipe was more than 1 in. above the construction, you lost points. If the cuts were crooked, you lost points.” When it came to the final round, Anliker felt confident as he saw the task. “When I saw that the last task dealt with metal studs, pulling wire, installing boxes, terminating lines and more I thought I had a chance to win because that is right in my wheelhouse.”

Anliker will be competing again this year both as a Professional Individual and with teammates Barnett and Noga.

The Professional Individual and the Student/Apprentice Individual with the fastest times in the IDEAL competition territories will advance to The Championship Weekend taking place on November 10-11, 2017 in Lake Buena Vista, FL. Additionally, the five Professional Teams and Student/Apprentice Teams with the fastest times in the nation, will also head to The Championship Weekend.

For more information visit: IDEALnationals.com.


Electricians to Compete in IDEAL National Skills Championship

IDEAL National Championship

Do you have the power to be the best electrician in the nation? Compete in the 2017 IDEAL National Championship and find out.

IDEAL Electrical, a leading tool and electrical supply company based in Sycamore, IL, is once again hosting the IDEAL National Championship to honor and showcase abilities of electricians as well as award over $500,000 in cash and prizes. “The professional tradesman is too often an unsung hero. They keep our world turning, working in snow, rain and incredible heat all to fix our problems at a moment’s notice,” said Jim James, Chairman and CEO of IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC.

IDEAL is also looking to build on last year’s initial success. “The 2016 competition drew nearly 24,000 Professionals and Student/Apprentices from 33 states,” said Andy Salemi, Key Account Area Manager for IDEAL Electrical.

IDEAL ChampionshiopSteiner Electric will be hosting Qualifying Round events in which contestants can compete individually or as a team in either the Professional or Student/Apprentice category. The Qualifying Round challenge will require competitors to demonstrate both their mental problem-solving and physical skills across five categories: pulling wire, cutting, stripping, termination and testing on a preassembled electrical platform. Competitors will be judged by fastest completion time and overall accuracy of the wire connection.

The fastest times in the IDEAL competition territories will advance to The Championship Weekend in Lake Buena Vista, FL on November 10-11. At this stage, the competitors will go through a series of progressively harder challenges that are developed internally IDEAL Championship team competitionby IDEAL experts to test the diverse range of skills demanded of today’s electricians and tradesmen. While speed is a large factor of the Qualifying Round challenge, it isn’t the only criteria at The Championship Weekend. “We have judges from around the country who come from leading training institutions who rate the competitors on the quality of work,” Salemi says. “As the rounds get tougher, the quality of the work becomes even more important.” On the line at The Championship Weekend is up to $75,000 for Professional Individuals and up to $30,000 for Student/Apprentice Individuals.

Last year’s top winners were Greg Anliker of Kellenberger Electric who won $75,000 in the professional category. First place winners in the professional team category were Sam Buche, Jon Dahlstrom and Michael Dahlstrom of Multitech Electric who split $60,000. In the students/apprentices category, the first place winner was Corbin Rios, IBEW Local-271, who won $30,000 and $5,000 for school. First place in the team student/apprentices category were Patrick Flanery, Bryan Olson and Ben Woodworth of Minneapolis Local 292 JATC who split $30,000 and $5,000 for school.

Competitors in this year’s event should go to IDEALnationals.com to register and search for local Qualifying Round events. Steiner will be sponsoring the following events:

May 1, 20173:30pm - 6:00pmIBEW JATC 46159 Sullivan Rd., Aurora, IL
May 10, 20174:00pm - 6:00pmIBEW JATC 70128600 Bella Vista Pkwy,
Warrenville, IL
Jun 22, 20174:30pm - 7:30pmSteiner Electric
Rockford Branch
6900 Rock Valley Pkwy, Loves Park, IL
Jun 29, 201711:30am - 1:30pmSteiner Electric
Elk Grove Branch
1250 Touhy Ave., Elk Grove Village, IL

For more information, and to register for the competition, visit: IDEALnationals.com.