Designing an Efficient and Flexible Control Panel with ERIFLEX

Clean. Elegant.  A control panel that can be described in that fashion can also be thought of as one that is efficient, reliable, safe. Contrasted to individually wired, point-to-point systems, where operators need schematics to track a jumble of cables and wires that have been cut to various lengths, an optimized and efficient control panel can be installed more quickly, tested more confidently, and maintained more reliably.

Today, OEMs face increasing needs for faster turnaround times to build Eriflex control panel optimizationand install the machinery they make, as well as the control panels that provide the power to the motor starters, contactors, relays, and pilot devices, as well as the myriad sensors, valves, actuators, pumps and other ancillary devices used in manufacturing facilities. Contractors and maintenance people also face pressure to maintain and troubleshoot control panels as quickly as possible; machinery downtime is a bottom-line killer.

The control panel of today has changed in design and build and its wiring needs have become more complex. To ease these challenges, suppliers have stepped in with new, smarter wire and cabling products.

One of the leaders in this wiring evolution is ERIFLEX, a Pentair brand that produces low-voltage power and grounding connections. The company has developed products to streamline control panel assembly and installation that can also be adapted to specific applications and customer needs.

Recently, the company introduced its ERIFLEX Flexibar solution, a flexible busbar wire replacement concept, that is designed to reduce weight and space and make cleaner connections using fewer materials.  The company says that the ERIFLEX low-voltage power and grounding connections are the next-generation alternatives to bulky wires and cables.

The Flexibar busbar is designed for low-voltage applications from 27 sq. mm up to 1,200 sq. mm and 125A to 2800A. A bus bar is essentially an electrically conductive strip or bar used to distribute power to multiple circuits in parallel. Busbar can also be used as a common tapping point for multiple ground or neutral terminals.

ERIFLEX’s Flexibar is made from thin layers of tinned electrolytic copper formed into a stack that can be easily bent, folded and twisted, improving assembly flexibility, shortening connections and decreasing foot print.

The copper layers are insulated with a high-resistance, self-extinguishing PVC or silicone compound. The insulating sleeve is grooved on the inner surface, reducing the contact surface with the laminates to less than 20%, increasing flexibility and making installation easier.

Additionally, the ERIFLEX line offers insulated braided conductors, Eriflex power distribution blockdistribution and power blocks, busbar supports, insulators and accessories.

The OEMs and electrical contractors who leverage this type of innovative, flexible technology for power distribution and grounding can gain competitive advantage. Because of installation speed, high-quality electrical connections and long-term reliability, early adopters will quickly see the bottom-line benefits, and be better positioned to stay ahead of the competition.

Trust Your Network

Structured Cabling” is a term that describes the infrastructure of cables and hardware that is used to distribute communications and data services throughout a facility. Facilities that rely on structured cabling include hospitals, university campuses, industrial complexes and the like.cabling-infrastructure

While the primary focus of a structured cabling system is usually telecommunications – distributing voice, internet, and video services throughout a facility – structured cabling systems additionally include other low-voltage cabling needs. This includes video surveillance; sound, paging, and intercom services; and the access controls and interfaces necessary to engage with those systems.pagingsurveillance

Thanks to industry standards that have been established both by internationally recognized third parties and by the industry’s own self-regulation, structured cabling systems are not device dependent. That said, there are a host of variations that necessitate a unique approach to each and every structured cabling system. At Steiner Electric, we understand the importance of an in-depth consultation that is personalized to the needs of our clients. In fact, a professional information systems consultation is essential, not only to be sure that all of the environmental conditions are properly assessed, but also to ensure the system’s compatibility with both legacy products and products on the horizon.structured-cabling

For example, Mohawk’s Armorlite Industrial Armored Cables are a cost-effective fiber optic solution for standard and rugged installation environments alike, providing the benefits of a fiber optic connection in mine shafts, industrial parks, and college classrooms. They can interface with old and new products, with options that include exterior installations, and are defended by a crush resistant housing that also protects against rodents and cutting. That kind of durability obviates a traditional – and higher cost – innerduct installation.

Whether it’s a retrofit, an upgrade, or a fresh installation in a new build, we have the products and expertise to service any structured cabling, sound, security, and access control project. Contact Steiner Electric for all of your device and cabling needs.fiber-optic

The Illusion of a Wireless World

We live in a wireless world – or so it seems. Technologies like Bluetooth allow us to talk on the phone hands free in the car or the office without the static of a speakerphone. Free Wi-Fi signals are virtually obligatory in any restaurant, retail store, library, or school. Despite the personal security risks associated with connecting to public Wi-Fi signals, they are a tempting resource.

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