Steiner Wins tED Magazine ‘Best Of The Best’ Award

Steiner Electric received a ‘Best of the Best’ award by tED Magazine for our ‘Steiner Delivers’ brand awareness campaign.

What is ‘Steiner Delivers’?

Best-in-class delivery service to ensure our Contractor, MRO, and OEM customers receive their orders, no matter the size or quantity, at any commercial, industrial, or jobsite location at the time they need their supplies delivered with accuracy.

Core Strengths and Capability Differentiators

Through continuous process improvements for deliveries scheduled during normal operating hours, early AM, after hours, express, same day, second run, or special requests we were able to achieve the following operational efficiencies for order fulfillment throughout a challenging 2020 fiscal year.

  • 99.7% Order Accuracy
  • 99.9% Pick Line Effectiveness
  • 99.9% On Time Delivery

Branding ‘Steiner Delivers’

With this operational success brought together by our warehouse, delivery, sales, and purchasing teams, we could assuredly promote our delivery services to our customers through a digital campaign entitled ‘Steiner Delivers’ with a series of online marketing deliverables and production of a commercial-grade video to encompass our entire message (see video above).

tED Magazine Judged The Following

  • Animated Video
  • Website Landing Page
  • Homepage Banners
  • Email Campaign
  • Social Media Campaign (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube)
  • Paid Search Campaign
  • Will Call Counter Digital Displays

“Well done, straightforward, informative, and to the point. [This campaign is] an absolute home run.”

tED Magazine Judges

The campaign was well-received as it drove brand awareness and highlighted one of Steiner’s core strengths and capability differentiators in the marketplace. Our customers know when they place an order with us, they can confidently expect to receive the right materials delivered where they need them and when they need them.

Check out our delivery services here!

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