Steiner Wins ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program Instant Discounts Leader Award

Steiner Electric is proud to receive the Instant Discounts Leader Award for the ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program. As a member of the ComEd® Energy Efficient Program, Steiner is relied on by ComEd® to educate and train customers in the latest energy efficient LED products to maximize savings and incentives for proper energy efficiency improvements to their facilities.

ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program Instant Discounts Award given to Steiner

“Steiner has done such a great job growing with the Instant Discounts program over the course of the year. ComEd® is very excited to see this growth with such an important distributor in our territory. The Instant Discounts team unanimously agreed that Steiner deserved this award above the other 120 distributors in the program.” – ComEd® Representative, Paul Gongola 

What is the Energy Efficiency Program? 

The ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program was originally established to help customers save money and teach them to use energy more wisely through offering assessments, rebates, discounts, and recycling programs funded in compliance with state law. “We believe everyone has an equal right to safe, reliable, and affordable energy, which is why we offer programs to help customers save energy and money,” said Jane Park, senior vice president of customer operations for ComEd. 

How does it help companies reduce energy costs? 

At Steiner Electric, we work with our customers to help retrofit old lighting technology and redesign to LED lighting – which immediately provides energy savings, as well as providing a more efficient and long-lasting light. Energy savings can typically consist of 50% or greater on a given lighting retrofit or redesign project. ComEd® offers incentives for customers to take action, which helps aid in paying for these projects to be completed.

What are its benefits to the environment? 

Less energy consumed is immediately better for the environment. LED products also have a longer lifespan, meaning less waste thrown away on an annual basis. New LED lamps do not have mercury in them, as a lot of old fluorescent technology did – another positive in protecting the environment. 

Energy Savings Tips Recommended by ComEd®

  • Carefully regulate temperature settings. 
  • Reduce heat from escaping through windows. 
  • Power off any unused electronics during closed-hours or when not in use. 
  • Use less light to illuminate work areas. Only illuminate the space you need. 
  • Power off lights when rooms are unoccupied.
  • Maintain a clear area around heating and cooling vents. 

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