Select the Right Power Generator Using BIM Models

Let’s start with the basics. A generator serves the purpose of supplying power to an application that would generally have lost power due to an outage. Perhaps you need a generator for standby or continuous power. No matter what type of generator your project calls for…. you’ve come to the right place to begin this journey. At Steiner Electric, our power systems experts are waiting to help you determine the right fit for your application, and our certified technicians are prepared to install as well as provide any necessary maintenance throughout the generator’s lifetime.

We want to clarify that this process can be a difficult task for anyone who is unfamiliar with power generators. We understand that. So, we’ll cover a few more points before encouraging you to take the next step…. discussing your exact requirements with one of our generator experts at Steiner. 

What are BIM Models and how can they help you select the right power generator?

  • BIM is short for Building Information Modeling.  
  • You can freely access a fully integrated archive of BIM Models containing up-to-date generator information. These models have all the specifications you need to help determine the right generator for your application. Learn more 
  • Did you know that most engineers and architects already work with BIM Models today? That’s because BIM Models enable a more efficient process leading to less cost, less waste, and fewer delays. 
  • What can you find in the BIM Model archive? 
    • 100+ BIM Models Available 
    • Latest Drawings, Details, and Specs 
    • Diesel, Natural Gas, Propane, and Dual Fuel generator models plus ATS
    • On-Demand Downloads
    • Free All Access 

For personal assistance with BIM Models and Generator Project Support please contact the Steiner Power Systems team at 847-956-3098.

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