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Perhaps no other invention has decided the course of our world like the electric motor. motor-repairDeveloped as a result of the conceptual breakthroughs introduced by Michael Faraday, the first patent for an electromechanical device was awarded to Thomas Davenport in 1837. Davenport was a Vermont blacksmith and inventor who developed an electric motor that could lift a 200lb weight in about 1 minute. Those were impressive numbers in those days.

Thousands of patents soon followed, awarded to thousands of engineers, scientists, and tinkerers. The electric motor genie was out of the bottle.

Within a century, the electric motor had effected virtually every person on the planet. However, it was not very long ago that a person could name every electric motor they owned – the way you can probably name every internet-enabled device you own today. We no longer know how many electric motors we own these days, of course. There are windshield wiper designs, for example, that contain half a dozen electric motors alone!Motor-Repair

Imagine, then, how integrated electric motors and drives have become to industry.

Motor-repairIndustry continues to enable our way of life, which is why motor repair has become an essential part of any industrial operation. If a production line or manufacturing process shuts down due to an unexpected motor or drive failure, thousands of dollars per hour are suddenly at risk.

Steiner Electrics 24-hour motor repair service is the answer. Our team of technicians are EASA certified in order to handle any emergency motor repair situation that may arise, day or night. We have a healthy stock of inventory on hand to repair or replace any part, and a full-service machine shop to modify parts or replacements for any individual motor repair.

Add to that our generous warranty on all repair work we do, and our long list of on-site services, and 1-800-STEINER is the only number you’ll need to know for any industrial motor repair service.motor-repair

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