When it’s Time to Retrofit Your Lighting

Commercial-LightingA lighting retrofit can significantly impact any household, business, or municipality budget. In fact, many major retrofit projects pay for themselves in less than five years. That’s because older ballasts gulp energy in order to power bulbs that channel most of that energy into unwanted heat. All those heat sources mean your HVAC system has to work harder to cool the air in the summer months.

Every situation is unique, however. Contact us as Steiner Electric for an energy audit to find out how much a lighting retrofit can benefit you.

For example, your ballasts might not be completely obsolete. Sometimes, new bulb technology will work with older ballasts. If that’s the case, a cost effective lighting retrofit strategy might mean hanging onto your ballasts for another generation of bulbs.

lighting-retrofitAnother factor many overlook is your structure’s access to natural lighting. In a new build, windows should always be oriented to take advantage of natural light. But in a retrofit, even if your structure isn’t ideally oriented, you can use light sensing technology to adjust interior and exterior lighting based on ambient illumination. Instead of an entire grid being subject to a timer that may need to be adjusted as the seasons change, sensors can adjust your artificial lighting activation individually, as environmental conditions require.

For a limited time, you still have the opportunity to take advantage of ComEd’s rebate incentives.

The ComEd Smart Ideas® Energy Efficiency program is very popular, offering cash incentives for customers who want to take advantage of a lighting retrofit. That includes fixture replacements, lighting controls and sensors, screw-in LED bulbs, and high efficiency linear fluorescent lamps. Pre-approval is necessary to qualify for the rebate incentive program, however.Lighting-Retrofit

We can help you through the process, if ComEd’s rebate program is the best solution for your situation. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with our lighting and energy experts.

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