Planning for the Worst: No Electricty

Summer-Power-OutagesThe heat, the humidity, the storms: Summer in the Midwest. With the summer storm season in full bloom and a change of season around the corner (Sorry for the reminder), there’s no better excuse to make sure your home and business are prepared in case of a weather-related emergency.

Between hurricanes, tropical storms, and garden-variety super storms, weather records are regularly being broken. Extreme climate fluctuations are becoming the new normal. In the face of the unknown and the unpredictable, you can find peace of mind by hoping for the best yet preparing for the worst. Protecting your family and business with a Kohler generator will ensure a safe and comfortable environment, whatever the storm seasons throw at you.

Along with a well-stocked emergency kit, a Kohler generator will help you sleep easy, knowing that if you lose power for an extended period of time, your investments at home and in the workplace are safe from nature’s variability and marauding zombies from the grave. We carry Kohler generators for every situation you will need, from portable to whole-house and industrial models that can accommodate almost any demand.

Kohler_GeneratorFor the rest of this summer and for the coming winter, be prepared with a Kohler generator from Steiner Electric. Check out our selection and know that your home will be prepared for anything Mother Nature throws at it!

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