Safety with Electrical Receptacles

LightingAt Steiner Electric, safety is one of our top priorities. Safety not only motivates us in all of the industries we serve, it has also driven countless technological advancements. Nowhere is that more apparent than with innovations in electricity.

For example, early electrification efforts were geared toward lighting. In fact, in some areas, lighting was even given preferential billing from power companies. To take advantage of this opportunity to save money, small appliances such as vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, and electric fans were being configured by consumers to operate through light bulb sockets. As electrification efforts succeeded in making electricity commonplace, a safer system was obviously needed.


Standards for devices and best practices have continually evolved over the years, and are now commonplace throughout the world. Despite countless products and locations, there are surprisingly only about 20 different electrical receptacles standards being manufactured today. This ensures broad compatibility among products and between various parts of the world. In addition, there continue to be adapters and fittings made that are suitable to accommodate the legacy products that are often seen in older homes or facilities. However, this is also something that could be costing home and business owners undue energy expenses, as well as threatening safety.


Steiner Electric can help. Updating older electrical receptacles at home or in the workplace makes sense, even if your devices continue to be manufactured. The energy savings from using the best technologies of today, along with the advantages in safety and future-proofing code compliance, makes exploring a retrofit of your sockets, outlets, and other receptacles a great idea. Contact us at Steiner Electric to see if an energy audit makes sense for your home, business, or municipality.

2 thoughts on “Safety with Electrical Receptacles”

  1. As a person who has lived in a house with old electrical outlets and wiring, I agree that it is a good idea to upgrade electrical receptacles. It is really frustrating to have to plug in an extension cord or adapter to us a three pronged appliance. Besides, like you mentioned it is safer and you will save some money on your power bill.

  2. I was once installing a ceiling fan and must have flipped the wrong switch to shut off the power. I wasn’t hurt, but the wires touched and made a loud pop. I decided that I wouldn’t make a good electrician, even if they do have lots of tools that make their jobs easier and safer with rubber and such. This experience also makes me feel better when I see safety features on power outlets like the ones with the audio alert pictured here.

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