Cutting Tools for Professionals

Precision-cutting-toolsYou might have a carbide-tipped cutting tool in your home workshop. They are a great choice for accuracy and durability in a planer or circular saw.

Did you know that same carbide technology is common in industrial applications?

Carbide cutting tools excel at milling, drilling, and tapping. It provides great high temperature tolerance and resists wear. That durability allows the blade to stay balanced, which means it holds its accuracy better than its non-carbide counterparts. As a result, carbide is great for handling repeated tasks in a manufacturing environment.

Carbide can be too brittle for some applications due, in part, to its extreme hardness.

That is why the carbide is often inserted in the cutting tips of another precision metal. For tapping purposes, however, solid carbide is usually the perfect choice for both hand and machine tapping.Tap-ToolCarbide-Tap-ToolsA tap is a tool used to form the spirals in holes that make the holes ready to accept fasteners. Carbide taps from premier manufacturers like Regal Cutting Tools are used to tap aluminum alloys, cast iron, and even cast metal parts. We like Regal’s products for their proven quality, durability, and efficiency.

Their service is also efficient. They can create customized taps in less than two weeks.

Another manufacturer we are proud to carry is Lenox, whose cutting tools range from a simple drywall hole saw to the most demanding industrial purposes. For example, Lenox makes carbide bandsaw cutting blades that last longer and cut much faster than any other bandsaw blade on the market.lenox-carbide-armor

Just in case your blades outlast your machines, you can take advantage of our reconditioning services.

We can get your machines running better than new, allowing your blades to reach their peak effectiveness. Between the products we carry and the services we offer, we can ensure that your manufacturing operation is going at its best. Efficiency and peace of mind is what you get from us here at Steiner Electric. Remember us for your cutting tool needs, big or small.tool-reconditioning

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  1. I didn’t know that carbide tools hold more accuracy than it’s counterparts. It makes sense why people would prefer to use this type of tool. I imagine that investing in the right kind depend mainly on what it’ll be used for.

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