It’s Not Just a Lubricant!

The world received good news recently. According to a report from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, there are over 200 million less people living in food insecurity than there were just fifteen years ago. This welcome news comes despite a global population increase of more than 2 billion people in the same timeframe. The UN’s report credits social and economic advancements for the progress, but there is a third factor underpinning both of those: industry.


Industrial advancements pave the way for the social and economic improvements that the world’s societies struggle to achieve.

It should be no surprise that industry is our lifeblood here at Steiner Electric. After all, we are a leading provider of industrial supplies and services for several industries. We believe that industry can continue to shape the world for the better, even helping to end hunger altogether. But such ambition requires meticulous attention to details.

It’s the details that can make the difference between an abandoned facility and one that is thriving and fulfilling all of its potential.

Food-IndustryFor example, while you would probably expect an electric company to perform energy audits, did you know that we also provide complete fluid management services? Fluid management is one of those details that no industry can afford to get wrong. From lubricants and coolants to cleaners, degreasers and more, we can audit the fluid management strategies of small machine shops and major industrial complexes alike. We stay on top of all the innovations being made in the industrial supplies and services we provide, including advances in chemical technologies.

Consider developments in industrial lubricants, for instance.


Both third-party and self-imposed regulatory standards have helped to drive investment and innovation in industrial lubricants. This means that today’s lubricants are more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally responsible than ever before. Advancements in additives have led to lubricants that bond more precisely, last longer with less waste and provide increased coolant properties. In fact, additive advancements now make vegetable oil lubricants outperform mineral oils for many applications.

However, you should never change your industrial lubricant strategy on a whim.

And that’s true for all of your Maintenance, Repair and Operation Chemical needs. A fluid management audit from our specialists at Steiner Electric will provide you with the most advanced products for your specific chemical needs. Pay attention to this important detail, because – despite the good news from the UN – over 700 million people remain unfed. For social and economic progress to endure, a framework of responsible industry will always be essential.


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