Dad Wants the Right Tools

It’s no surprise that Father’s Day is sneaking up on us. If you need to find something better than a necktie or a ball cap this year, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. After all, while it’s the thought that counts, choosing the wrong brand or model can leave your gift appreciated but unused. Don’t worry, however. We have a few tips to help you pick a gift that is both appreciated and enjoyed.


First of all, you’ll benefit from a bit of research.

This doesn’t have to be like a homework assignment. Mostly, it just takes a little thought. If the fathers you are shopping for earned more than a “Kiss The Cook” grilling apron this year, you already know enough to find a worthwhile gift that’s in your budget. Think about their hobbies, their livelihood, what makes them laugh, the wistful fantasies they divulge after a beer or two. Before long, you’ll come up with a memory of something that makes dad smile.

Fathers-DayIf you are quite lucky, the fathers you shop for are the types to let go of a genuine smile when unwrapping a brand new tool.

Fathers who work with their hands in their day job or for pleasure in their free time are among the easiest to buy for on Father’s Day. That’s because, with tools, there is no shortage of excellent choices for every niche and budget. In addition, you only need to step into a workshop or lift the lid on a toolbox to get a sense of what he already has and what type of projects he likes to do. In a workshop, it’s easy to see if he has a particular brand preference for his hand tools and power tools.

Go Cordless!

It’s no coincidence we have a great deal right now on Milwaukee Tools M18 Fuel Series Cordless tools. Right now, if you trade in a corded tool, we will give you $100 towards a new cordless Milwaukee Tool! Do you think Dad would approve?Milwaukee-Tool-M18-Fuel-Series

Are his workshop tools dressed in Dewalt yellow, Milwaukee red, or Lenox blue?

You will likely know at a glance. But if his tools are a hodgepodge of colors, don’t fret. Give us a call at 1-800-STEINER or click and we’ll walk you through the model upgrades and compatible accessories for just about any tool or activity that the lucky fathers on your list are enjoying in their garage or workshop. Because even though he can always use a new flashlight, we can help you make him feel extra special this Father’s Day.

dewalt flashlight

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