The Sensors and Automation Systems Industry Gathering in Long Beach

Today’s smart phones make Star Trek’s communicators seem unimaginative. Of course, the opposite is true. Imagination is at the heart of the inspired technology we enjoy. While Kirk’s flip-phone may have already gone out of style, we shouldn’t get cocky. Spock’s tricorder still looks like magic to us today, the way flip-phones and automatic doors once did.

To glimpse how close we are to that tricorder, and to see the cutting-edge innovations in Long-Beach-Sensors-Conferenceseveral related fields, check out the Sensors Expo and Conference at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, California from June 9-11, 2015.

The Sensors Expo and Conference brings the entire sensor and automation systems industries together, showcasing or launching products in at least 20 categories.

It’s the largest sensors conference in the nation. With educational opportunities and a peak at the technologies of tomorrow, sensor and automation insiders can network with colleagues while staying on top of industry trends.

That said, 96% of their attendees come to the expo looking for new solutions to current challenges.

In order to meet that demand, the Sensors and Expo Conference has been retooled this year to emphasize functional sensor and automation solutions. For example, this year’s expo will be showcasing wearable technology, an area that has enjoyed tremendous growth in the fitness, medicine, and fabric industries.

Wearable-Tech Wearable-Tech

Process automation systems also benefit from the expo’s focus on the functional.

The automation systems field is another fast-growing sensors industry. It’s where you’ll find the technology behind the self-driving car. Automation systems are also at work in manufacturing, food and beverage operations, elevators and escalators, and even pulp and paper industries.

When it comes to sensors and vision applications for business as well as automation systems using sensor applications, Steiner engineers have one goal in mind: viable solutions for your needs. We realize each business is going to use these products in different ways for maximum efficiency in their processes. This is why we are here from initial help with a solution from implementation through start-up. Learn more about our automation product solutions to our sensor products.

We are a long way from living the way they do on Star Trek.

But that’s okay. The innovations on display at this year’s Sensor and Expo Conference will be enough to fascinate the most cynical pointy-earned alien that Starfleet can muster.




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