Lightfair International Amazes Once Again

Last week, New York City hosted Lightfair International – the world’s largest annual trade show and conference dedicated to architectural and commercial lighting innovations and education. Coming off of a record-breaking 2014 conference in Las Vegas, which also happened to be its 25th anniversary, this year’s Lightfair International event harbored high hopes and plenty of anticipation throughout the industry. As you can glimpse in these reports from LFI News, this year’s trade show met those expectations and more.

One of the most notable events every year is the Lightfair International awards. The conference has always been about innovations in the lighting industry, and this year that focus was enriched with several new award categories. These include awards in solar power, software engineering, digital signage, healthcare and more.

The expanded categories are great additions to the conference.

But the big three continue to be the main event of the awards ceremony. Those three are: Most Innovative Product of the Year, Technical Innovation, and Design Excellence.

The Most Innovative Product of the Year award went to Osram’s OmniPoint luminaire. Osram-omniPoint-luminaireThe OmniPoint uses an LED array that is controlled remotely through a wireless interface to an Android tablet, and the amount of control is amazing. When installed in the center of a room, the OmniPoint can modulate the direction of the illumination as the needs of the environment change – all without a ladder.

Osram also managed to capture the Technical Innovation award for its Oslon SSL LED light. This is a revolutionary solution for industrial or private horticultural applications. Until now, LED lighting has generally been unable to compete with traditional lighting in the quality of lighting Oslon-SSL-LEDrequired by plants. The Oslon SSL, however, offers the full spectrum of wavelengths required for photosynthesis. And because it is LED, it achieves those wavelengths at a fraction of the energy of traditional horticultural lighting.

Finally, Architectural Area Lighting, a brand from Hubbell Lighting, earned the award for Design Excellence with its product line Kick. Kick is an exterior lighting solution intended for use in walkways, building entrances, and paths. Its unified and elegant appearance may have led to this honor in Design Excellence, but the aesthetic contributions of this light go beyond first impressions. Not only does Kick eliminate glare from almost any angle, it is the first fixture in the world to leak 0% uplight despite its upward angle. That makes it dark sky approved, and an excellent answer for light pollution.

Kick-lightingkick-lightingSteiner Electric’s Lighting Design Group is prepared to help you in any capacity when it comes to your commercial, industrial or residential lighting needs. From energy audits to aesthetics, Steiner is here. The world of lighting changes quickly, as we saw at Lightfair International. Innovations spark necessary changes and Steiner Electric works hard to stay on top of it for you!

Next year’s Lightfair International will be in San Diego, and they are already accepting reservations for booth space. Steiner Electric will be there again as part of our dedication to providing the most cutting edge products and services available in every industry we serve.

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