Knockout Punch Systems Cutting Sheet Metal Like Butter

The knockout punch is an essential tool for electricians. Contractors and installers know hydraulic-systemthat the hallmark of quality workmanship is clean and accurate cuts. While a hole-saw is able to grind its way through sheet metal, it takes a knockout punch to meet the demanding expectations of a professional.

Today’s knockout punch systems provide a hassle-free and expedient way to install conduit in electrical panels.

Older models use drive systems that include manual, ratchet, and hydraulic drives. Each of these styles are still available. They are a cost-effective choice for homeowners or the contractor that rarely pulls wire and cable. But for installation specialists, the old drive systems are becoming obsolete. For large jobs, they are too slow, too messy, or require too much stamina.

Battery power has redefined holemaking for today’s contractors and installers.

The knockout punch systems designed for modern electricians offer more than accuracy. They are safer and more efficient, able to cut through thick steel regardless of the size of the hole. That’s because manufacturers are making them with top-quality materials, which means today’s knockout punches are durable.

Milwaukee-KnockoutIn fact, you should expect a generous warranty attached to whichever battery-powered system you choose.

Several popular manufacturers are producing excellent knockout punches these days. Right now, we are offering amazing deals on Southwire’s Maxis products here at Steiner Electric. When you buy the base 1/2”– 2” system, we throw in the 2” – 4” cup and die set for free. Order from us soon, though. We can only offer this deal until the end of May.

Knockout-savings-with-Maxis-buy-get-1 Knockout-savings-with-Maxis-buy-get-1

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