Tool Trade-In Event Ending

Steiner Electric’s special power tool trade-in event is almost over. Even if you are content with your current tools, you probably have an old beater power tool taking up space in a bin or box somewhere. Dig it out and trade it in. That old thing gives you the perfect excuse to trade us for what’s going to be your new favorite tool: a solution from the M18 FUEL lineup by Milwaukee Tools.


Milwaukee’s M18 FUEL series leads the industry in professional-quality cordless solutions because of its innovative engineering.

Each of the tools collected in the M18 FUEL lineup maximizes efficiency by offering a trinity of innovative components. First is the Powerstate Brushless Motor, which is customized for the tool it drives. Customization means a motor that is fine tuned for its purpose, particularly when coupled with the second component of the M18 FUEL series: Redlink PLUS Intelligence.


Redlink PLUS makes the most of those specialized motors by seamlessly adjusting their performance based on the immediate demands of a given task. That efficiency increases durability, which is why Milwaukee is confident enough to warranty the M18 FUEL solutions for 5 years.

Finally, when the Redlink PLUS software calls for Milwaukee-Tool-Rotate-Batterymaximum performance, the third innovation in the M18 FUEL series answers the call.

Milwaukee’s Redlithium XC 4.0 Battery stores enough juice to keep your tool going at full capacity throughout a full day of work. Capacity is just the start. The Redlithium XC 4.0 unleashes 20% more power than standard Lithium-Ion batteries. It can also handle twice as many charges. Milwaukee trusts its Redlithium XC 4.0 battery enough to give it an excellent 3 year warranty.

The trinity of innovations defining the M18 FUEL series are accompanied by additional features that demonstrate Milwaukee’s attention to detail.

Anti-vibration elements keep you comfortable for hours straight, while the premium grips and triggers help you avoid fatigue by the time the day is done. So bring us your old power tools during Steiner Electric’s tool trade-in event, while there’s still time.

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