Safety Gear and Safety Training are Easy Investments

A safe working environment demands attention to detail. That’s true inside the factory and its true out in the field. Personal safety gear coupled with a complete understanding of best practices are the foundations of a safe working environment. Yet, while the climate-controlled industrial environment requires a broad array of protection supplies, the hazards underneath a roof are reasonably predictable.

Outside is another story, where an environment can Safety-gear-electricalchange in an instant.

If your workday involves a job under the sky, the right knowledge and the right gear are essential. For many tasks, a passing rain shower can be little more than an annoyance. You can still pull electrical cables or irrigation lines underground despite a brief drizzle. If the rain gets stronger, more persistent, those kind of jobs can usually wait until after lunch, or the next day. Allowing inclement weather its space tends to be the best choice for non-critical assignments.

It’s during those critical times, however, that gear and training are put to the test.

If you face the potential for emergency conditions, and even if you only have to be out in the wind, rain, or snow for any length of time, preparation is key. Rain gear is useful to have on hand in almost any environment. So are the right gloves for the job, and the right safety glasses or face shield. Protecting against hearing loss is never regretted, and neither is flame resistant or arc-flash protection gear when the conditions require.


Steiner Electric supplies safety gear for virtually any environment, but it’s only as effective as the skills of the person using it.

That’s why we also offer plenty of resources to help you secure safety and code compliance, indoors or out. For example, our Arc-Flash Protection Assessment develops a safe and productive environment wherever energized equipment is used. We tailor a maintenance plan for individual needs, ensuring that OSHA inspections are hardly a blip in the events of a day. Explore our safety resources for yourself, or simply contact us here.Fire-safetysafety-suit

Steiner Electric’s dedication to safety is absolute. Let us be your workplace safety resource, from advanced certifications to simple grounding. We’ll make sure safety concerns won’t keep you awake at night.


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