Asset Accountability is Good for Business

inventory_managementThere are few things as crucial to any business, big or small, as inventory management. Properly tracking assets has a significant impact on profitability. There are many reasons for this. Consistent customer service, for example, is only possible if you can maintain the right amount of inventory to meet demand. For most industries, running out of stock is simply not competitive. On the other hand, stock that sits on shelves too long wastes capital that could be better invested elsewhere.

Loss prevention and safety also make inventory management critical.

Theft is an unfortunate reality, both internal and external, but loss prevention strategies also must account for innocent misplacements. Allowing inventory or other assets to clutter an office, warehouse, or workshop not only creates productivity inefficiencies, clutter also poses safety risks. An organized working environment is a safe and competent working environment. The best way to be sure everything is kept in place and accounted for is to use a system of specialized software along with barcodes and readers.

document_tracking tool_tracking

At Steiner Electric, we are experts in inventory management.

That’s because we have over $20 million of inventory across 8 locations. One of our favorite inventory management software developers is GigaTrak. They produce products to handle all levels of tracking needs, whether it’s a document that must not be misplaced or a tool that is counted on to get the job done out in the field. We carry everything you need to interface with the GigaTrak software, including rugged barcodes that can handle practically anything the jobsite can dish out, much less the office or warehouse.

Let us know when you are ready to save time and increase profitability through better inventory management. We will help you explore your options and find the right solution for your specific needs.



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