The Holiday for Tools!

Worship of Tools Day is March 11. St. Patrick’s Day and the First Day of Spring tend to get all the attention in March, but this is a holiday that deserves to be noticed. It’s the perfect excuse to tend to your tools. Use the day to get your snow blower ready for summer storage, put your lawn and garden tools back within easy reach, or spend time on that neglected corner of your workbench.

Of course, Worship of Tools Day is also a great excuse to shop for new tools.

At Steiner Electric, we make that easy. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year, the Milwaukee M18 FUEL lineup is what you get when you are done playing with toys and are ready for professional-grade tools. Milwaukee considers itself a “solutions provider.” Take a close look at the M18 FUEL SDS Rotary Hammer and you’ll see that philosophy in action.


To begin with, Milwaukee slapped a 5 year warranty on the rotary hammer and a 2 year warranty on the battery. Those numbers are practically unheard of. That means they have plenty of confidence in their product – which makes sense, because its anti-vibration system makes it much less repair-prone. It also makes it easier to use. Your arms will last as long as the lithium-ion battery, meaning all day on a single charge.

Another design element that shows Milwaukee’s eye for detail is that the mode selector is tucked into the curve of the housing. It’s out of the way and much less likely to be damaged by unnecessary wear and tear while at the jobsite.

On that selector, you’ll find a chisel-locking option.

This innovative feature shows that Milwaukee considers solutions for your safety and comfort. Whether you are stripping tile with a flat blade or stretching to reach your target from an awkward angle, you have the option of rotating and then locking the bit in place. That means you won’t have to contort the tool to complete your task. Along with the integrated LED light, that’s a great feature to have when the target is in a tight crawlspace or nestled behind finish work.

The entire M18 FUEL lineup demonstrates Milwaukee’s attention to what professionals need in the real world. And now that we have a holiday that doesn’t involve flowers, cards, or candy, it’s a great time to check them out.

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