Replace “Ol’ Betsy”: Trade-in Used Tools!

If you are someone who works with your hands, be it at a construction site or a kitchen, you know that a dull blade is more dangerous than a sharp one. Not only is a dull blade less likely to provide you with the results a true professional requires, it is also more likely to malfunction and lead to injury. Even the extra effort a dull edge requires from your muscles or the motor in your power tools makes maintaining your edge a good idea.
Just as you should repair or replace a dull blade, it’s important to replace an old power tool that’s well past its prime.Tool Promo

Your Professional Tool is Too Old!

We all have an “Ol’ Betsy” lying around, some shabby thing that we refuse to let go for sentimental or superstitious reasons. We keep it even though technology and practicality have long outgrown it. Maybe it’s an old truck that spends as much time on a lift as it does on the road. Maybe it’s a guitar that won’t hold a tune, even with new strings that costs three time as much as you could sell it for at a yard sale. My own Ol’ Betsy is a fishing pole with a tip broken off in the trunk of a car by an enthusiastic father-in-law, but that old rod just won’t stop pulling in the big ones.

Ol’ Betsy is only a beauty off the clock. It’s a dead dog when your livelihood is on the line.
The last thing you want when your reputation is on the line is for an old power tool to sputter out when you need it most. Right now, you can get $100 for that relic if you bring it in to Steiner Electric during our trade-in promotion.

But this great tool deal ends at the end of April!

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