Energy Conservation Is a Great Investment

Interest in energy conservation has grown in recent years, thanks to rising energy costs energy_starand state-sponsored initiatives throughout the developed world. This has led to a thriving market of energy-sipping products. Both industry and individuals can take advantage of the energy efficient technologies of today to enjoy immediate financial and environmental benefits.

An energy audit is the best way to find out how to maximize efficiency for your specific situation.

That said, your choice of lighting is usually a great first step – especially if you are facing the retrofit of an existing structure. While incandescent bulbs produce high quality light, they are incredibly wasteful. Only 10% of the electricity they use goes to light. The rest is lost to heat. That is why they have been phased out for most uses in the United States. Fluorescent lighting is also potentially resource intensive, and oftentimes excessively noisy, particularly if you are using an older generation of ballasts.

Outdoor_LightingWith our retrofit kits for fixture renovation, you can save on energy costs immediately. In fact, our retrofit kits pay for themselves in less than a year. ComEd is offering even more incentives for businesses to retrofit through their rebate program. In order to take advantage of their program, you’ll have to act before the funds run out. If you are considering a lighting retrofit, don’t miss out on this opportunity.


Finally, take a look at these energy calculators for more insight on how much you can save on your energy costs. The faster you act, the better chance you have of taking advantage of the many incentives offered through state, federal, and private initiatives.

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