Milwaukee Tools Delivers Unparalleled Cordless Solutions

Batteries have become integral to modern life. Since the first time a patrolman aimed a flashlight into the dark corners of his moonless beat through city streets, people have hungered for portable electricity. But the effort to mangle the laws of physics into power on demand has taken feats of scientific savagery.

Early battery-powered flashlight

Lithium-ion battery technology is the culmination of those feats.

Lithium-ion batteries power everything from smart phones to smart cars.

Yet, while its benefits are incredible, those pesky physical laws tend to intrude upon humanity’s insatiable ambitions. Fundamentally, today’s batteries operate on the same principle as the one in the patrolman’s flashlight: electrons flow between two electrodes separated by an electrolyte. Lithium is that electrolyte, and while incremental increases in battery power and capacity have contributed to the amazing innovations we enjoy today, conventional wisdom considers lithium-based technology the pinnacle of electrochemical storage potential – for now. Milwaukee Tool M18 FUEL Product Line

Milwaukee Tools advances portable energy technology with their M18 FUEL product line.

Milwaukee Tools introduced lithium-ion technology to the portable power tool market back in 2005. Their professional-grade cordless systems have led the industry ever since. The M18 FUEL series is Milwaukee’s flagship product line, unique among all other tools in its class because the systems offer a full day’s work of corded performance on a single charge. For example, the M18 FUEL 1” SDS Plus Rotary Hammer, which is available here at Steiner, provides 1.7 ft-lbs of impact energy and up to 1400 RPMs on a mere 18 volts. How has Milwaukee accomplished such scientific savagery of their own?

What separates Milwaukee’s M18 FUEL products is the integration of its batteries, motors, and software.

features-rotate-batteryBattery technology is a lot like the internal combustion engine. The fundamentals of both have changed very little since their inception, but isn’t a Ferrari a much nicer way to package that engine than the Model T? Such is Milwaukee’s approach with its M18 FUEL Redlithium batteries, wrapping those electrodes and electrolytes in a package that maximizes the power, efficiency, and convenience of this workhorse brand. The casing protects against water infiltration by routing it away from the internal electronics and out of the pack. And those internal electronics, combined with its software and dubbed Milwaukee’s Redlink Plus Intelligence, ensure compatibility across their range of tools, while also regulating power output based on the demands of a given task. That means not a drop of power is wasted. For good measure, they throw in a temperature control frame that mitigates overheating and will operate below 0 degrees Fahrenheit, and a shock absorption system to protect against vibration and drops.

It looks like that Ferrari may have some catching up to do.

Finally, take a look at the Milwaukee’s M18 FUEL Powerstate Brushless Motors. Through tool-specific motor design, Milwaukee is able to offer the benefits of portability with all the power of a corded tool. Other brands rely on a single motor platform, greatly restricting a tool system’s applications. Milwaukee’s Powerstate Brushless Motors are optimized for heavy-duty, professional use in all applications. And during Steiner’s M18 FUEL trade-in event going on now until April 30th, 2015 you can trade-in an old power tool and get $100 OFF towards a new M18 FUEL kit to realize all these great benefits for yourself.

Brushless Motors

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