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Criminals Nabbed Due to “Selfie”-Surveillance

As important as video surveillance is for protecting your home and business, sometimes criminals will supplement your efforts with the surveillance device in their pockets. Like these two shoplifters who stole dozens of video games and DVDs from a retail chain store. They decided to record themselves boasting about the theft when one pocket-dialed 9-1-1. They kept talking about the robbery until Police found them as they left the store.


But at least their self-surveillance was unintentional. Another bumbler couldn’t help shooting a video selfie of his crime with his phone’s camera. He proudly recorded the way he was able to climb onto a trash can and cut through a window screen in order to sneak into a woman’s house. The inept criminal even shared his accomplishment in a text message to a friend while he was still inside the woman’s home. Luckily, she wasn’t there at the time. When she returned, she noticed that she was missing a video game system and a digital video recorder. In their place was something that wasn’t hers. The burglar had actually forgotten his phone on her shelf, along with all of the evidence it contained.

Wouldn’t it be great if all criminals were this incompetent?

They’re not, which is why many insurance companies offer policy discounts for homeowners and businesses who invest in video surveillance. The days of reusing the same VHS tape over and over are gone. Advances in digital storage mean that even low-end systems have access to potentially unlimited storage space, whether on a local disk or in a cloud-based service, which means more security and less risk.

Of course, other advancements have been made in video surveillance as well. Samsung’s Techwin Series, available from Steiner, has made remarkable strides in everything from image quality to wireless capability – which is a wonderful thing, because you can’t always count on the folly of criminals.


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