Harvesting Daylight for Your Business

Did you know that you can harvest daylight through your windows at work?

We all know how much the sunlight can affect employee moods as well as sales of products, but it’s affect on the office space works in better ways…for your pocketbook. Plus, using daylight as the primary source for illuminating a space is more sustainable in the long run.

Steiner Electric Lighting Solution Specialists are ready to work with you to create a lighting environment that will harvest the daylight when needed and switch to your electric lights as the sunlight diminishes. Daylighting control or dimming uses sensors on the walls or ceilings to measure how much light is streaming through windows or skylights compared to the amount of light coming from the lighting system; we are talking about spaces that have passive daylighting sources available already. If the sunlight reaches a certain foot candle reading, the indoor lighting is turned up or down depending on how the system is set. You can choose between a dimming system and a switching system. Harvesting-Daylight

The control not only saves energy but most people in the workspace won’t even notice there’s a change.

When considering Daylight Harvesting, it’s important to look at your space as a whole. Corridors with skylights or numerous private offices or cubicles near windows are the best places to consider daylighting control systems. If building a new workspace, it will be important to see opportunities for harvesting the sun’s light.

There have been numerous studies on daylight harvesting that suggest savings anywhere between 20%-60%. This is dependent on the type of control system you want to use.

When you are ready to start harnessing the daylight and make the sun work for you, Steiner will be there!

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