The Power of LED in the Future

To start off July, Detroit announced it had installed its 10,000th LED street light and was on track to add 55,000 more. Lighting Motor City is no easy task but Detroit’s Mayor says this project has helped some neighborhoods be illuminated for the first time in years leading to safer streets at night. On a larger scale, news like this for the lighting industry is even bigger.


Detroit installed it’s 10,000th LED street light in early July

LEDs taking over the World!

According to a recent report from Navigant Research, the market share of LEDs in street lighting worldwide will grow from 53.3% this year to 93.8% in 2023. And that’s not just street lights, as an earlier report from Navigant research said shipments of LED lamps worldwide will grow from 68 million to 1.28 billion annually by 2021.

Why You Should Switch to LED

First and foremost, LED lighting is energy efficient. They use 80% less energy than traditional bulbs. LED’s live longer and are durable. They also operate well in either extremely hot or extremely cold temperatures. From a commercial standpoint, it has become more practical to replace the halogen and incandescent light. For your workers, it’s easier on the eyes which can help keep workers more productive. In retail, LED lighting can highlight items and draw people on the street into your store. In offices, lighting is required to support productivity, be kind to human eyes and be automated for flexible working hours.

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