Ordinary Copper Wire Doing Extraordinary Things!

Recent research published in Advanced Materials and Nature magazines shows a breakthrough in the usage of copper wire and how it can store energy. The research could mean even smaller electronics and clothes that act as batteries!

A nanotech scientist believes by using a thin sheath that surrounds lightweight electrical copper wire, he can store energy. We already know that all metals, including copper, form crystals that have free floating electrons that can move between associated atoms. That’s why electrical charges can come from one end of a wire to the other – basically electrons are shoving each other out of the way for the charge to move. Copper does this extremely well. But, now, the same wire that transmits electricity can also store extra energy.


What Does This Mean for Electrical?

Well, there may no longer be a need for separate batteries in objects that run on electricity. If the object is using a charge and can store a charge at the same time, there’s no need to separate out the energy in a battery to run a charge through the wires!

How Could It Be Used in Electrical Situations?

Immediately, the engineering could be used to design newer electrical vehicles or even your cell phone or other portable electronic devices. The scientists believe copper wire is just the beginning. They think they can transfer this technique to other items, specifically fibers. It could mean your pants or jacket can recharge your cellphone!

You can read more about how the scientists did this by clicking here.

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