Safety First in the Electrical World

We all take electricity for granted; we turn the power on, lights come up, computers turn on, etc. When our electrical gadgets don’t work, we try to troubleshoot the issues ourselves. This troubleshooting is why we have a yearly safety reminder – May is National Electrical Safety Month.

National Electrical Safety Month Steiner Electric

The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) provides a guide each year to educate consumers on the how to avoid property loss, injury and death because of electrical fires. While there are plenty of DIY’ers out there, we want everyone to remember the dangers associated with electrical issues. The guide provides plenty of information and you can download it yourself and keep as a handy reminder.

One of the most important reminders in the guide is about children and electricity.

Did you know around 2,400 children each year suffer shock and burns after inserting something into an outlet?

An estimated 6-12 of those children die as a result.

The fact is that folks should not be working on electrical apparatus or with electricity in their home or workplace unless they have been properly trained in electrical safety. A trained professional knows how to keep you and your property safe. The National fire Protection Association wrote the book on electrical safety – although the name isn’t too catchy: NFP70E.

There are many products designed to keep you safe, from a Tamper Resistant Receptacle (TRR), to the gear you need when working with electricity. Here is a sample.

We invite you to download the safety guide and use it as a refresher or to teach kids and others about the power of electricity and how they can stay safe when turning the power on and off.

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  1. The use of extension cords on a regular basis may mean that you don’t have enough outlets to fit your needs. Have a qualified electrician who understands electrical safety rules install additional outlets in rooms where you often use extension cords.

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