Your Electricity and Climate Change

When the power goes out do you have a backup generator ready? Bad weather, electrical overload…climate change?

Extreme weather plays a huge role with its affect on our nation’s electrical grid.

Power, Electricity, Climate ChangeMost people do not ever think about extreme cold or heat, drought or flooding as having an impact on the electrical supply, but changes in weather that are drastic and sudden do more than just take down power lines in your area, they can destroy the entire infrastructure that gets electricity across the country. But, smart energy choices, which include renewables and energy efficiency, will help in the future.

The rise in sea levels are some of the greatest issues facing our electrical supply system.  By the end of this century, sea levels are predicted to rise between 1.6 feet to 6.6 feet! There are currently 100 or so power plants or substations in the US within four feet of high tide.  Droughts and heat waves as well as cold snaps as we experienced this past winter increase demand, putting a strain on the system.

Reducing carbon emissions was the initial goal of renewable energy platforms.

But, efficiency with renewable can help our electrical grid more than originally realized.  Energy efficient homes and business require less electricity eliminating the need for new power pants or lines allowing work to be done to secure current facilities. Wind and solar power are gaining strength and tend to be farther away from areas affected by flooding. Renewable energy tech is normally smaller and distributed at greater distances lessening the impact of weather. And many larger cities are creating green and cool roof programs that help with the need for air conditioning.

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