Who Is “Steiner Electric”?

Our founder sold jewelry before turning to electrical supplies.  George Steiner watched the world change when electricity started taking hold. Born 8 years after Edison invented the incandescent light bulb, Steiner watched his hometown of Chicago transform in the electric age and saw opportunity. Who would help the residents and businesses of the Windy City with their electrical needs as the gas lights went away?

Steiner Electric Chicago

Steiner Electric is known for its commitment to customer. As the decades rolled by, Steiner saw the changes to the electrical and lighting world and realized supplying the areas commercial facilities with electrical product would have to become the core of the business.

Customers grew and electrical needs changed and they were looking at Steiner to change with them. Over the decades, Steiner grew to offering more than lighting and electrical supplies but power supply options, automation options for factories, motor and motor repair, metal working solutions, industrial tool solutions and data communication and collection.

Our 500 member family is proud of our Chicago-area roots. Our work can be seen at the famous Buckingham Fountain; we repaired the motor that pumps the water at the legendary fountain and provided the light fixtures. When you walk by the Wrigley Building at night, we are the ones that let you see the exterior all lit up! In 1991 Steiner co-founded The Greater Chicago Area Electrical Industry Friends of Comic Relief which has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for health care for Chicago area homeless. In addition, each year a holiday party is provided for over 300 homeless children through the support of The Electric Association of Chicago.

As we approach 100 years in business, we look back at our history and know that George Steiner would be proud that his name continues to not only light the way for the Chicago area and beyond, but has become a multi-faceted company that remains heavily involved with customers.

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