Energy Efficiency

In recent years, there has been a push from energy companies country-wide to persuade businesses to come up with energy management plans that will make them more efficient.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been on the top of the list for business owners.

energy efficiency for business Steiner Electric

Despite that, Com Ed recently said since 2008, it has seen a four percent decline in overall energy usage on the grid. They equate that four percent to taking 2 cities off the grid – Rockford and Aurora. Think about it: even with just a small amount of companies redirecting resources to make their energy usage more efficient, a huge amount of electrical resources have been saved. Many companies who started becoming more efficient 4 or 5 years ago are seeing the monetary benefits. Nicor Gas told a group of business leaders last week at an energy efficiency forum that since 2011, its energy efficiency program has saved more than $12 million in cash incentives and given rebates of $500,000 to a single business!

So, where do you start?

You can request an energy audit and figure out how to reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Steiner Electric offers a variety of products that will help you get on your way to energy efficiency as well as saving cash! Energy management is an important facet for any small or large business and our power supply systems provide efficient processes as well as productivity to keep you running.

But it’s not just generators and power supplies that are part of the energy efficiency programs.

We can help identify other areas in your business where money and energy can be saved almost instantly; consider replacing those discharge lights with LED is just a start. Little moves like that can turn into money savings in as little as 2 months.

Isn’t it time to move your company forward and run more efficiently while saving money?

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