Walk and Roll Chicago 2022

Walk and Roll Chicago 2022

Walk & Roll Chicago is back for 2022 and Team Steiner will be there once again. The longest-running cancer fundraiser in Illinois returns for another one-of-a-kind event that offers participants of all ages and skill levels a 5k walk, 5k timed run, 10k skate, or 15k bike. This year’s event will be held at Maggie Daley Park on Saturday, June 11, 2022. The site opens at 7:30am CT and routes begin 9:00am – 9:30am CT.

Event Details

DateSaturday, June 11, 2022
Site Opens7:30am CT
Routes Start9:00am – 9:30am CT
LocationMaggie Daley Park
337 E Randolph Rd.
Chicago, IL 60601
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Parking$13 per car rate available at Millennium Lakeside Garage.
Garage located at 5 S Columbus Drive, Chicago, IL 60601.
Parking should be preordered ahead of time; click here.
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Why We Support the American Cancer Society

Cancer has touched many of us in some way, and we want to stop this disease in its tracks. We dedicate our time fundraising for the American Cancer Society, and during the Walk and Roll event, we honor the lives lost to cancer, celebrate survivors, and support the caregivers who so selflessly help others.

The money our team raises helps the American Cancer Society in so many ways. It helps fund innovative research. It provides free information for people dealing with the disease. It provides rides to treatment and places to stay for people who have to seek treatment far from home. In short, our money helps save lives. Consider donating with our team and help advance the cause.

Join us. Donate today. Together, we’ll be a part of making a difference in this important cause.

Steiner Wins tED Magazine ‘Best Of The Best’ Award

Steiner Electric received a ‘Best of the Best’ award by tED Magazine for our ‘Steiner Delivers’ brand awareness campaign.

What is ‘Steiner Delivers’?

Best-in-class delivery service to ensure our Contractor, MRO, and OEM customers receive their orders, no matter the size or quantity, at any commercial, industrial, or jobsite location at the time they need their supplies delivered with accuracy.

Core Strengths and Capability Differentiators

Through continuous process improvements for deliveries scheduled during normal operating hours, early AM, after hours, express, same day, second run, or special requests we were able to achieve the following operational efficiencies for order fulfillment throughout a challenging 2020 fiscal year.

  • 99.7% Order Accuracy
  • 99.9% Pick Line Effectiveness
  • 99.9% On Time Delivery

Branding ‘Steiner Delivers’

With this operational success brought together by our warehouse, delivery, sales, and purchasing teams, we could assuredly promote our delivery services to our customers through a digital campaign entitled ‘Steiner Delivers’ with a series of online marketing deliverables and production of a commercial-grade video to encompass our entire message (see video above).

tED Magazine Judged The Following

  • Animated Video
  • Website Landing Page
  • Homepage Banners
  • Email Campaign
  • Social Media Campaign (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube)
  • Paid Search Campaign
  • Will Call Counter Digital Displays

“Well done, straightforward, informative, and to the point. [This campaign is] an absolute home run.”

tED Magazine Judges

The campaign was well-received as it drove brand awareness and highlighted one of Steiner’s core strengths and capability differentiators in the marketplace. Our customers know when they place an order with us, they can confidently expect to receive the right materials delivered where they need them and when they need them.

Check out our delivery services here!

Chicagoland Electric Association Education Foundation Delivers Gifts to Chicago Area Homeless Families

Due to Covid-19, the Chicagoland Electric Association Education Foundation was not able to physically host our annual Chicago Area Homeless Children’s Christmas Party…… but that did not stop the generosity of the electrical industry. Once again, gifts for each child and their parents along with Nintendo Switches and Oculus games for each shelter were delivered by Santa on December 19th.

Steiner Wins ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program Instant Discounts Leader Award

Steiner Electric is proud to receive the Instant Discounts Leader Award for the ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program. As a member of the ComEd® Energy Efficient Program, Steiner is relied on by ComEd® to educate and train customers in the latest energy efficient LED products to maximize savings and incentives for proper energy efficiency improvements to their facilities.

ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program Instant Discounts Award given to Steiner

“Steiner has done such a great job growing with the Instant Discounts program over the course of the year. ComEd® is very excited to see this growth with such an important distributor in our territory. The Instant Discounts team unanimously agreed that Steiner deserved this award above the other 120 distributors in the program.” – ComEd® Representative, Paul Gongola 

What is the Energy Efficiency Program? 

The ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program was originally established to help customers save money and teach them to use energy more wisely through offering assessments, rebates, discounts, and recycling programs funded in compliance with state law. “We believe everyone has an equal right to safe, reliable, and affordable energy, which is why we offer programs to help customers save energy and money,” said Jane Park, senior vice president of customer operations for ComEd. 

How does it help companies reduce energy costs? 

At Steiner Electric, we work with our customers to help retrofit old lighting technology and redesign to LED lighting – which immediately provides energy savings, as well as providing a more efficient and long-lasting light. Energy savings can typically consist of 50% or greater on a given lighting retrofit or redesign project. ComEd® offers incentives for customers to take action, which helps aid in paying for these projects to be completed.

What are its benefits to the environment? 

Less energy consumed is immediately better for the environment. LED products also have a longer lifespan, meaning less waste thrown away on an annual basis. New LED lamps do not have mercury in them, as a lot of old fluorescent technology did – another positive in protecting the environment. 

Energy Savings Tips Recommended by ComEd®

  • Carefully regulate temperature settings. 
  • Reduce heat from escaping through windows. 
  • Power off any unused electronics during closed-hours or when not in use. 
  • Use less light to illuminate work areas. Only illuminate the space you need. 
  • Power off lights when rooms are unoccupied.
  • Maintain a clear area around heating and cooling vents. 

Disinfectant Lighting Technology Can Help Reduce Germs

Lighting Products that Supplement the Disinfection of Commonly Used Spaces*

The new normal hasn’t been established yet. We’re still determining what everyday life will look like for a functioning society that depends heavily on human interaction. Above all, the world is uncertain as to how long we will need to accommodate for COVID-19. Community leaders and organizations are stepping up to innovate new technologies, with the purpose of helping us safely adapt to this new way of living.  


Introducing Disinfectant Lighting Technology

A concept designed to safely and efficiently reduce bacteria, molds, yeast, fungi, and when applied according to the manufacturer’s directions, this technology can eliminate up to 99.9% of the viruses in a room. Does it kill COVID-19? Good question. That information pertains to the individual manufacturer of disinfectant lighting products. You will need to review their specific statements of qualifications and product specifications (Puro Lighting, Hubbell Lighting, Kenall, Acuity Brands).

Products from these leading lighting manufacturers use different wavelengths, including UV, 405 Nanometer, or 222 Nanometer in their technologies to inactivate viruses and bacteria and to reduce pathogens on surfaces.

Application of these technologies necessitates an understanding of your environment along with other factors. Contact our lighting team in order to receive more information and to establish a better understanding of the key differences between each type of Disinfectant Lighting Technology.

Common Facilities That Use Disinfectant Lighting Technology

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Schools
  • Fitness Centers
  • Restaurants
  • Grocers
  • Retail Stores
  • Hotels
  • Office Buildings
  • Public Restrooms
  • Mass Transit
  • Any Place People Gather

Panelboard Rapid Assembly

Panelboard Rapid Assembly

Introducing a new method to save time and reduce labor expenses with ready-to-install panelboards complete with box, interior, trim and circuit breakers. Fully assembled with Square D™ parts that meet your requirements.

Steiner’s technicians are factory-trained and ready to assemble your customized panelboards. In addition, Steiner has a large local inventory to start assembling panelboard order(s) right away and ship it in as little as 24-48 hours*. All fully assembled panelboards are delivered in minimum waste packaging for a greener jobsite and reduced cleanup costs.

Ordering a completed panelboard directly from the manufacturer normally takes up to three weeks to receive. Steiner reduces that time to just days in order to help you get the job done sooner.

Let Steiner’s knowledgeable gear team and expert assemblers get you exactly what you need ready for pickup or delivery in little time so you can be the best for your customers’ agenda.


  • Receive completed panelboards that are ready-to-install immediately
  • Save time and reduce labor expenses while increasing jobsite efficiencies
  • Reduce shipping costs and speed up transit times with locally stocked inventory

Panelboard Configurations Can Include

Square D™ Panelboards

Sqare D Panelboards

I-Line™ Power Distribution Panelboards (600 Vac Max.)

NQ Lighting & Appliance Panelboards (120/208 Vac Max.)

NF Lighting & Appliance Panelboards (480/277 Vac Max.)

Square D™ Circuit Breakers (10A to 1200A)

Square D™ Circuit Breakers

PowerPact® I-Line™ Molded Case Circuit Breakers

QO® and QOB Miniature Circuit Breakers

The Steiner gear team can help you select the right panelboard configuration to meet your requirements and get fully assembled ready-to-install units to you fast!

Steiner has been a proud Square D™ Authorized Distributor since 1935, with one of the largest inventories in the Midwest.

Have a specific manufacturer’s panelboard to cross reference? Give one of our gear specialists a call for a compatible solution to meet your requirements.

*Some restrictions may apply. Please consult your Steiner representative to review the requirements.

Call 847-956-3110 to speak with a Steiner Gear Team specialist for more information on fully assembled panelboards.

Beat The Winter

Safety Tips to Beat the Frigid Winter

DON’T STOP MOVING AROUND the body parts when in frigid temperatures. The Healthy informs that the human body has specific nerve cells called, thermoreceptors that will send a warning signal to a part of the brain called, the hypothalamus, which has several functions that include regulating the body’s temperature. The body’s internal temperature should be between 37-38 degrees Celsius, or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is important to maintain the body’s temperature when in frigid conditions. Wearing layers is still recommended, but staying active and moving around keeps blood flow throughout the body. In situations where the body is in a still position, remember the simple things like wiggling the fingers and toes to maintain blood flow. Being conscious about these little movements go a long way in extremely low temperatures.

Carhartt Products

CONSISTENT TEMPERATURES plays fewer tricks on the body’s internal temperature, thus leading to a healthier body. Some people will argue that random temperature drops and rises can sicken the body. According to an article by Lohud, the body’s immune system gets weaker from transitioning between hot and cold environments – allowing the body to be more susceptible to viruses. FYI, it’s easy for viruses to live in cold temperatures.

Hand Warmers

In a NY Times article, ‘Cold Weather Tips From Chicagoans Who Really Know What They’re Talking About’ a FedEx driver explains a best practice to overcome the constant temperature changes between his FedEx vehicle and each delivery in cold temperatures. The secret is not blasting the heat. Yes, that’s correct. Instead, dressing the part and keeping the warmth and moisture trapped within the layers. This tip is not for everyone but has proven to work for this FedEx driver.

ICE MELT helps reduce the risk of losing control of your balance due to an icy walkway. The key factor to avoid this type of injury is spreading ice melt across walkways, parking lots, driveways, etc. before the process of precipitation starts freezing over. After the surface is frozen, it’s important to continue applying ice melt to eliminate the frozen ice and also provide extra traction and grip for walkers’ safety.

Thaw Master Ice Melt

NITRILE GLOVES has multiple purposes, even outside a hospital-like setting. They can act as the first layer of hand protection – before strapping on a pair of liners or insulated winter gloves. According to a NY Times article, nitrile gloves will trap in the heat moisture, not allowing the moisture to escape from the surface of your skin.

A Look Back At Summer 2019

Summer 2019 has been an exciting season to say the least! The Steiner family is continuing to create new memories together. From our annual outings and fundraisers to new experiences – together, we make Steiner’s environment welcoming and thriving for all.

Saying Goodbye to Great Friends Retiring

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to the Steiner family. You will all be truly missed.

Don Petrovich, 20 Years of Service

Terry Boone, 17 1/2 Years of Service

Rick Ryan, 33 Years of Service

Celebrating Work Anniversaries

Thank you for your continuous devotion and loyalty to our Steiner family.

Steve Bednar and Ruperto Ramones’ 20th Anniversary

Robert Quijada’s 25th Anniversary& Florante Ramones’ 20th Anniversary

Ron Styne’s 30th Anniversary

Jack Sweeney’s 30th Anniversary

Special Events This Past Summer

Steiner Pride Week!

We express our pride in working with great people who treat one another like family 💙

Steiner Hosts 2nd Annual Ice Cream Social to Raise Funds for the Alzheimer’s Association

Steiner hosted its 2nd Annual Ice Cream Social to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association! It was a fun (and yummy), memorable event – with lots of pictures taken in our photo booth and plenty of ice cream, too!  

At Steiner, we’re proud to have a core group of amazing people who dedicate time towards raising awareness and funds to fight against Alzheimer’s disease. They call themselves the Purple Winged Warriors!

Help us fight Alzheimer’s disease!

Folks at Steiner came together in memory of a family member to help raise funds for the American Cancer Society through selling handmade tie-dye shirts. Proud to be a part of such amazing support and solidarity.

22nd Annual Pig Roast – A Customer Appreciation Event

An annual event hosted at our Rockford Branch! Opportunities to network, view great products and watch demonstrations from our suppliers abounded. Fun door prizes were won and this year’s raffle had two wooden sculptures carved with a chainsaw by an amazing artist from a single piece of wood. As always, there was delicious food and live music.

Amazing Chainsaw Carver Danczyk Woodcraft Visits Steiner in Rockford

Chad Danczyk of Danczyk Woodcraft is a professional chainsaw carver who creates truly one of a kind custom wood sculptures. This summer, we invited him to be a special guest at our Annual Pig Roast – a customer appreciation event hosted at the Steiner Rockford branch. Danczyk spent a full afternoon on sight carving a hawk and cougar out of a single piece of wood. Continue reading and watch the time-lapse video….

Holocaust Survivor Magda Brown Tells Her Story to Steiner Employees and Their Families

On May 18, 2019 Steiner had the honor to host Holocaust survivor Magda Brown for 100 employees and their families, ranging in ages from 12 to 70.  Born in Hungary in 1927, Magda was sent to Auschwitz in 1944 at the age of 17. Magda has spoken to over 100,000 people the past 15 years throughout the country and internationally. Listening to Magda speak was an incredible experience, she is truly an inspiration to all of us and a reminder that we must NEVER FORGET what happened. Hers is an incredible story of courage and strength. Continue reading…. 

Steiner Electric Blog

The New Steiner Website Is Here!

The new Steiner website was launched to continue to give quick access to thousands of products and offer even more useful account management tools essential to the daily requirements of Contractors, MROs and OEMs. Designed to help easily manage and monitor purchasing and supply needs, the many on-demand features provide an immediate way for customers to get what they need, when they need it… giving them The Power to Connect.

Explore all the new capabilities our updated website now offers!

NFPA Releases Natural Disaster Electrical Equipment Checklist

When Natural Disasters Strike, Should Damaged Electrical Systems be Repaired or Replaced?

Electrical systems in the midwest can be damaged by numerous natural disasters including floods, lightning, hail, ice, snow, high winds and tornadoes. Significant damage from severe weather is expected to occur at least once a year. Electricians must answer the critical question of whether or not to repair or replace electrical equipment as a result.

Use NFPA’s helpful “Natural Disaster Electrical Equipment Checklist” to guide your assessment. The checklist is provided by NFPA, and refers to recommendations in Chapter 32 of the 2019 edition of NFPA 70B, Recommended Practice for Electrical Equipment Maintenance.

Download Checklist

NFPA Natural Disaster Electrical Equipment Checklist






Steiner Hosts 2nd Annual Ice Cream Social to Raise Funds for the Alzheimer’s Association

Steiner hosted its 2nd Annual Ice Cream Social to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association! It was a fun (and yummy), memorable event – with lots of pictures taken in our photo booth and plenty of ice cream, too!  

At Steiner, we’re proud to have a core group of amazing people who dedicate time towards raising awareness and funds to fight against Alzheimer’s disease. They call themselves the Purple Winged Warriors!

The Purple Winged Warriors’ Story

It has affected us all in different ways, but we will NOT go quietly into the good night…If you think about people in your life, odds are, you know someone who has Alzheimer’s or is affected by Alzheimer’s. It should make you mad, too! There is no cure yet and funding is low – we need to make our voices heard, not only when signing petitions, but by letting families and caregivers know they are not alone. 

Even if you can only give a little, you’re letting another family know that you’re on their side and they’re worth fighting for – memories matter, people matter, family matters, caregivers matter – cures matter!

If you weren’t able to make it to the fundraiser and would still like to contribute, please CLICK HERE to donate.

All donations go directly to the Alzheimer’s Association to help raise awareness for this disease, raise funds for a cure, and support caregivers and families taking care of loved ones who are battling this disease.